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A radical breakthrough in wood preservation has been made by the introduction of Sovereign's FLX Micro Emulsions. Sovereign FLX does not use a conventional insecticide (such as pyrethroids) which attack an insect's central nervous system but incorporates Flurox™ an insect growth inhibitor. FLX with Flurox has a fundamentally different mode of action it prevents the exoskeleton (or hard outer skin) of the insect developing thus stopping its life cycle. It is therefore safe to humans and mammals and is available exclusively to the UK Remedial Wood Preservation Industry

We carry out treatment on residential premises, listed/historic buildings and commercial properties.

What is Woodworm?

Wood worm is a woodboring insect which damage and weakens the structure of the timber. They invade and consume the wood by laying eggs on or in the wood leaving tunnels once they reached maturity. Their life span is from 10 months to 11 years.

Sovereign Approved

The amount of damage caused by woodworm depends on the kind of species and the type of wood. The sooner woodworm is identified and treated the better.

You may find one or more of the signs of woodworm infestation

  • Small round holes in your wood

  • Fine powdery dust around the holes

  • Crumbly edges to boards/joints

  • Adult beetles emerging from the wholes/around the premises.


There are four types/species of the UK:

  • Common Furniture Beetle - attacks softwood
  • House Longhorne Beetle – attacks softwood only
  • Powderpost beetle – attacks wide pored hardwood such ash, elm and oak
  • Deathwatch Beetle – can cause severe damage to European hardwoods such as oak, ash and chestnut

We can visit you and carry out a detailed inspection and report. Then, at a time convenient to you and/or your business we can eradicate your woodworm.

Woodworm treatments are always carried out by highly trained, certified operators and all work is undertaken with the protection of the Sovereign 30 year protection scheme.

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