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The Brown Rat & The Black Rat (Rattus norvegicus) (Rattus rattus)

Rat treatments start from £120.00 + VAT for inside Treatments and £80.00 + VAT for outside treatments.

The brown rat has only been recorded in Britain since the early 18th Century. It is thought to have been introduced in shipping from Russia, and did not originate in Norway.

It is now by far the more abundant of the two rats species and is widely distributed in both urban and rural areas. It occurs both indoors and outdoors away from human habitation, and is the species often associated with sewer systems.

Reproduction & Life Cycle

They are capable of reproducing at the age of about 3 months. Pair bonds are not formed as mating is carried out on an opportunistic and promiscuous basis. When a female becomes sexually receptive, her sent attracts all local males. Gestation period is only 3 weeks and due to postpartum oestrus this can occur every 3 weeks. Unlike most mammals that have to wait until the original litter is weaned rats can mate again after giving birth but this only occurs when conditions are favourable for the young to survive. So therefore rats could give birth every 24 to 28 days, and this can give rise to very rapidly increasing populations.


"New object avoidance" or "new object fear" as neophobia is often called.This may be elicited by any change in the rat's environment. Although brown rats explore freely they do seem to prefer to feed at certain locations and any new situations confronting the animals are likely to be greeted with extreme caution. Placing an unfamiliar objects (such as a bait box) in the path of a rat or placing food in a different container effectively prevents it using that path and reduces consumption of any nearby food.


Weil's disease (Leptospira spp)

About 50 -70 % of all rats in the UK are carriers of this disease.

They excrete the bacterium (Lepotospirosis) through their urine into the environment, where it can survive for up to 45 days in fresh water or damp conditions. The bacteria can enter the human body via damaged skin (such as cuts and abrasions) or the mouth and nose.

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