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Bed bugs (Climex lectularius)

Bedbug treatments start from £150.00 + VAT

Bedbugs live off their host, Humans. They live in crevices in walls, under wallpaper, in light switches, behind headboards and in folds of a mattress or bed base. Eggs are laid in these harbourages, covered with a quick drying adhesive which cements them to the surface on which they are laid. They only visit the host to take a blood meal. Check around your mattress, bed frame and head boards for adults, nymphs and black spots like the photos opposite.

Reproduction & Life Cycle


Shaped like a rubber teat, one end covered with an egg-cap. The female will lay 1-5 eggs per day 541 in one life time. Development time (egg to adult) is 21 days at 86F/30C to 120 days at 65F/18C


There are 5 nymph stages and every one needs a blood meal.


The adult has well developed antennae on its head and a pair of ineffective eyes. It has biting and sucking mouth parts in order to feed on the blood of its host. It normally feeds on upper, exposed parts of the body. Most bedbugs are found on a wall close to the sleeping host, or in the bed frame. it takes about 5-10 minutes to suck a full meal from the exposed flesh and brown fecal deposits on pillows, sheets, and areas of harbourages can be found. Individuals can live up to 316 days and if tempertures fall below 61F/16C adults enter semihibernation and can survive for months.



What to do now you know you have Bedbugs

1) Remove all bed sheets, curtains and clothes and wash at a temperture above 115F/44C this will kill any nymphs, adults and egg cases.

2) Vacuum every where; underneath and inside beds, mattresses, any side units and wardrobes, check behind light switches and posters or picture frames. By doing this you will be removing any Bedbugs that are exposed.

3) Contact HawkEye


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